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Starting a Private Practice can seem like a daunting task. The truth is it takes some work, but not as much as it took you to get your degree. Whether you are a Counselor, Social Worker or Psychologist, Starting a Private Practice for Therapists is the simplified solution to get you started. Private Practice Innovations created this course to walk therapists through our simplified solution to opening the doors to your private practice. Take it one step at a time and like so many before you, become your own boss and set your own schedule. Check out our FREE course Starting Your Private Practice and full course Starting a Private Practice for Therapists.

If you are a mental health professional and thinking of taking the leap into private practice, THIS is the resource you've been looking for!! Deb and Laura share all of the tricks of trade, including tackling tough topics like your own self-doubt and thoughts about money. Treat yourself and add this amazing course to your journey.

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Private Practice Innovations was started by Deb Pavlico, MS, NCC, LPC and Laura Chickson, MEd, LPC to provide support and direction to clinicians as they begin their journey toward private practice.

With over 25 years of combined experience they offer a simplified solution to starting a Private Practice. Whether you are a Licensed Counselor, Psychologist or Social Worker, this step by step method will get your practice up and running.


Our FREE Course, How to Start a Private Practice will give you a head start.

The full step by step course Starting a Private Practice for Therapists is offered for only $99!

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